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SOS stomach discomfort

SOS  stomach discomfort
Junk food we eat and sedentary lifestyle we lead make constipation one of the most common ailments today. We offer several tasty and easy shortcuts that successfully resolves the problem. Each of them contains necessary for the day 50-70 grams fiber - just select the one that most appeals to you (or rotate them for variety).

Combination 1
Cereal + Yogurt + Orange juice

Combination 2
Mixed salad + Dark rice + Pineapple

Combination 3
Asparagus + Bean salad + Yogurt

Combination 4
Whole wheat bread + Pureed zucchini + Unpeeled apple

Combination 5
Whole wheat pasta + Raw nuts (preferably unpeeled almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts) + Prunes

Combination 6
Gazpacho (cold soup with pressed tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper and garlic) + Cooked by steaming vegetables + Strawberries

Combination 7
Dark rice + Fruit salad (preferably with strawberries and kiwi) + Yogurt

Combination 8
Spinach with raisins + Tomato Salad + Pineapple

Good to know:
Dairy and acid bacteria are particularly important for the gut flora. Their mission is to impede the development of pathogenic microorganisms and to prevent intestinal infections. Giblets should not only be free of "bad", but to be inhabited by "good" bacteria. Quality yogurt enriched with useful germs is a guarantee for the health of the intestine.
The most important fibers, which are the enemies of the tight stomach, are the cellulose and pectin. Cellulose facilitates bowel movements. It contains in cereals and vegetables. Pectin has the ability to form gelatin, which is operating for lubrication and softening and thereby also facilitate bowel movements. It contains in the soft tissues of the fruits.
Dehydration of the body is a prerequisite for constipation. So drink 2 liters of water every day!
1 kiwi or 3 prunes in the morning followed by a cup of warm (not hot!) water enhances the peristalsis and in most cases cause an urge to defecation.
Examination of 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (or other virgin vegetable oil) also gives good results.

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