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Apple the (extra)ordinary fruit

Apple  the (extra)ordinary fruit
The apple, which every nation considered for her own fruit, actually originates from the Himalayas. It is cultivated for the first time in Asia Minor, where spread in the Caucasus, Egypt and Palestine, and gradually throughout the rest of the world. The apple is mentioned in ancient written records of China, Persia, India and Rome, but only in the last century yield its significance as an outstanding health fruit.
The apple is rich in many vitamins, minerals and trace elements, including:
Vitamin C - even sweet varieties contain 30 grams of vitamin C per 100 grams of apples. Ascorbic acid helps the body to break down toxic substances, revitalizes cells and strengthens the immune system.
Vitamin E - protects tissues from damage, acts against cellulite and tightens the strictures of the skin, making the apple excellent natural remedy against wrinkles.
Vitamin PP - easy to deal with fatigue, depression and insomnia.
Potassium - 180 mg of this element is contained in each apple. It is important for the transmission of nerve impulses and helps with mental processes.
Iron - improves the composition of blood and is beneficial to memory.
Magnesium - strengthens muscles and bones.
Pectin - with cellulose acts beneficial to the metabolism and stimulates digestion. Very good clears intestines and contributes to more rapid weight loss.
Iodine - it is contained in the apple seeds and is good for thyroid.
Apple contains polyphenols, which:
break down fat - clinical studies in Japan show that eating three apples a day before meal lowers the fat content in the blood of at least 20%.
strengthen the cell walls - help recovery after injury, thereby preventing penetration of harmful substances in the blood.
protect the gut - support the proper functioning and their regular emptying.
neutralize the free radicals - prevent cells from degeneration and reduce the risk of malignancies.
For its part, the flavonoid quercetin contained in apples, control inflammation, which trigger cancer. It reduces the risk of lung cancer by about 46% and colon cancer by 40%, relieves asthma, stops the growth of prostate cancer cells.
Experienced healing recipes with apples:
Anti-high temperature - the forehead is required to compress of finely grated apples in a layer 1 cm thick on the two-layer gauze;
Acute and chronic bronchitis - cut the apples and stew in a little water on slow fire; take of the mixture 1-2 tablespoons every hour;
For tired skin - grate an apple without the skin, squeeze the juice from it and pour the gauze to be placed on the face for 15-20 minutes.

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