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Enzymes questions and answers

Enzymes  questions and answers
Enzymes are proteins produced by every living thing (plants, animals, people). They manage and accelerate thousands of processes of metabolism and are indispensable for our health. With aging, however, production decreases, so it is better to accept an additional quantity of these enzymes in tablets.
Here are the most frequently asked questions related with enzymes:

1. Can we get enzymes from food?
As a rule, only raw food (fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, algae, water soaked seeds and nuts) contains enzymes, since the heat treatment above 45C changes the construction of molecules in the food and it loses its valuable properties (including all its enzymes). Therefore, experts recommend eating raw food to be at least 50% of the daily menu. And the percentage is higher, the better.

2. How enzymes help our immune system?
They act as catalysts and are very important for metabolism and digestion. They also activate the resistance of our forces, alleviating a number of serious conditions. For example, inflammations are resolved more quickly, and chronic diseases such as sinusitis or bronchitis can be completely prevented.

3. Can we lose weight by taking enzyme supplements?
It is scientifically demonstrated that enzymes activate digestion. But they are helpless in weight loss - they can only help your belly being flat and thus make you feel more comfortable. Balanced diet and regular exercises are the best way in the fight against overweight.

4. Does the acidic pH of stomach destroy enzymes?
Research data suggest that gastric juices only inactivate enzymes in food, but when they fall in the alkaline environment of the small intestine, they become active again. People who eat mostly raw food feel more energy and rarely complain of fatigue. They have no unpleasant sensations in the stomach (burning, belching), namely due to the high content of enzymes in uncooked food.

5. Can enzymes help cancer?
Enzymes can not cure cancer, but implemented at an early stage, they contribute stopping the growth of tumors and the formation of metastases. In our body every day appear degenerate cells. Typically, antibodies, directed by enzymes, and active immune cells destroy them. But with a weakened immune system cells can degenerate so quickly that can not be identified and destroyed, which is leading to their accumulation and increased risk of malignancies.

Note: Taking enzyme supplements should be made ​​only after prior consultation with your GP or pharmacist.

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