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Green law

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In Western Europe, eco-long are produced in strict accordance with the laws

In Europe and America
definition of bioproducts occurs at the beginning of the 90's. In order to put the label
caption " Bio ", the manufacturer is obliged to pass quite stringent requirements.
Some of them are:

  • manufacturer must not
    using genetic engineering in the production of organic products;

  • eliminates the use of herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides,
    and other chemical fertilizers;

  • growing farm animals is prohibited for use
    antibiotics and growth hormones;

  • animal must have complete freedom of movement, and are protected
    of bad weather.

At the same time in the U.S. and EU countries, many farmers
produce "green" products for the market. For example, in U.S.
organic products have the stamp "USDA organic food", in Europe - "Bio".
And users can be confident that products are produced
without using chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, growth stimulants,
hormones and others. Even check the water for irrigation - by law it
must meet the quality of drinking.

Benefit or Harm?

useful environmental products? So far experts have not
unanimous. Organic products actually contain less pollutants.
But biohranata hidden danger. "Natural" products are not treated with
any chemicals. Therefore, they may develop as
plesenni toxic fungi. Moreover, these bioproducts can be
with very different taste from the traditional food. Therefore, even
"Most advanced" users can choose not to buy
Environmental tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes.

However, most experts believe that organic products are more useful
than usual. As there are fewer pesticides in beef
meat and vegetables, the better for people. Reduced risk of
cancer, etc.

It is important to note that
organic food - are not only industry but also philosophy. Founder of
this method is Englishman Albert Howard. His book "Farm
Testament, published in 1940, has made a real revolution in
brain of many scientists and farmers. Howard describes
negative impact of chemical fertilizers on the health of animals and
Plants and fertilization system, based on the use of
composting of vegetable waste and manure. A first agricultural
manufacturer who has implemented "green" practice is a testament to the English
- Yves Belfor. It thereafter, "ecological" agriculture moves from
philosophy in the field of agricultural science.

Yet organic farming
toy is in developed countries. In terms of economic crisis
production of "green" products may allow some companies.
According to Nobel Prize winner scientist and breeder Norman Borloug,
organic production may be brought up to 4 billion people.
However, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
believe that organic farming can not only brought the population of
world, but also to improve the calorific value of food.

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